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Top 5 Questions about Rock Climbing Shoes

  1. Question: What type of climbing shoe should I get?

Answer: If you're a beginner climber, look for ashoewith a thicker sole. Itwilllast longer as you work on your footwork technique and itwillalso provide more support so your feet won't tire as quickly. Thinner soles are usually about 3 – 4mm thick. They're generally best for smearing on slab routes.

2. Question: When should I get aggressive climbing shoes?

Answer: It really depends what you want to be climbing. If you do a lot of bouldering, especially with overhangs, get a aggressive shoe-with a solid edge.

3. Question: How important are climbing shoes?

Answer: Climbing shoes gather your toes into one application of force, and allow that force to apply to a small area of high-friction material. They turn your feet into the feet of a mountain goat. This doesn't just “make climbing easier,” it makes it possible.

4. Question: Can you rock climb in running shoes?

Answer: For your first day at a rock-climbing gym, your sneakers are just fine. ... The routes you'll be doing will be described as “ladders” by more experienced climbers: they're only slightly harder than climbing up a ladder. But you will quickly gain experience, and look for more challenging routes.

5. Question: Do climbing shoes make a difference?

Answer: I was surprised by how much I learned when I got a better pair of shoes. No pair is going to solve all problems but there's no doubt having proper shoes makes a difference especially in learning to trust your feet and being precise. ... So no, climbing shoes don't matter that much.

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